Updating the Directory of Individuals

The Directory of Individuals is the A-Z section in the front of the book. The information for these listings is derived from the University’s human resources database.

As your department’s Directory Coordinator, you are responsible for updating the listings for your area. The following is a list of steps that need to be taken to update the directory of Individuals. Click on each link to open a PDF document with detailed instructions to complete each part of your task.

Please enter any updates your department has into Oracle as they occur, rather than only at the end of the year. This will enable the online directory to contain timely, accurate information as well as ensuring the data pull for the printed version will require less updating during the year-end frenzy.

  • Step One - Registering as a Directory Coordinator
  • Step Two - Producing your department’s individual listings. Produce the listings by running the Directory Report and exporting the results into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Step Three - Send an email to your staff with their Directory report information; ask them to review the information for accuracy. A mail merge form and instructions for completing this step can be found in the Directory Tools drop-down menu.
  • Step Four - Enter changes into Oracle HR. Enter your changes or have designated data entry staff in your department enter the changes directly into the human resources database for data associated with primary assignments.
  • Step Five - Submitting changes your department is unable to make. Non-primary assignment changes and additions/removals of contacts should be submitted to the central/medical updating locations via e-mail or fax.

When all updates are input into the Human Resources database (Oracle) are completed (end of July), the database information is converted into Quark, the desktop publishing format used to print the book. Changes made to the Directory of Individuals after the Quark conversion are time consuming, at greater risk for errors, and costly, and they will be made only at the discretion of the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.