Campus Addresses to be Used in the Directory

  1. Use only Campus Mail abbreviations when indicating campus addresses in the Directory; do not add street addresses. Do not use a period after the abbreviation.
  2. Put the name of the building abbreviation first, then the room number (TMP 236, not 236 TMP), unless the name of the building is, in part, a number (221 Whit, 38 Hlh)
  3. Put a space between the building name and number, e.g., LSOG 345 not LSOG345.
  4. When useful, use a room/floor/suite number (265 Church Ste 400; 246 Church 4 Fl), but don’t use a comma between building name and the suite, room, or floor, and don’t use a period after the abbreviation.

To consult a recent listing of Campus Mail Abbreviations and Street Addresses, click on the “Front Pages” under “2011/2012 CURRENT Directories” on the navigation on the left of this page.  View pages x – xiv

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